Nigerian Man Attacks And Kills His Wife's Lover, Cuts Off His Manhood

Nigerian Man Attacks And Kills His Wife's Lover, Cuts Off His Manhood

The family of a 55-year-old man, Henry Obatenuh, a trado-medical doctor, has demanded justice for the murder of their father, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Obatenuh was killed and his penis stop allegedly by one Collins Adodokome and his son in Masaka, Karu government Area of Nasarawa State.

Adodokome had accused the deceased of sleeping together with his wife.

The suspect, who is now in custody alongside two accomplices, his son and watchman , at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Nasarawa State police command in Lafia, had on Wednesday, in Angwan Tiv, Masaka, hacked Obatenuh to death and stop his manhood for allegedly having an affair together with his wife, Evelyn.

It was gathered that Adodokome had reported Obatenuh to the police and eventually taken him to court some years ago and therefore the deceased was kept in custody for a few weeks before being released and asked to sign an undertaken to desist from having any longer affair with Evelyn.

According to police sources, the suspect, who is claimed to be a lover to the victim, confessed to the crime, alleging that his son caught the deceased having sexual activity together with his wife on his matrimonial bed.

“The wife escaped and Adodokome’s son engaged the late Obatenuh during a fight and he eventually killed him. He later chopped his penis off out of anger,” said one among the sources.

The source disclosed further that Adodokome claimed that the killing had been done before he received the scene and he promptly walked into Masaka police headquarters to report the matter.

He said the body of the victim was moved to Uke General Hospital mortuary, whilst the police continue with investigation.

But the family of the victim isn't convinced with the reason on the explanation for his death.

They are pleading for in-depth investigation by the police to unravel the circumstances surrounding the killing of their father.

Speaking to Saturday Tribune at Obatenuh’s residence in Angwan Tiv in Masaka, the primary son of the deceased, Courage Obatenuh, said the family was posing for justice within the murder of their father who he claimed was found out and killed by Adodokome and his son.

“We vehemently speak against the perpetrators of this heinous act and that we demand a really thorough investigation by the police in order that justice are going to be truly served,” he said.

Courage, who said was together with his father the night before the incident, explained that at about 9.00 p.m., as he was close to serve his father food, he quickly went out after receiving a call.

“As i used to be close to serve him food, I met him on the phone. He then told me he was going bent get something. He left without eating. I waited for hours for him to return until I slept off,” he stated.

Courage said that subsequent day, he sensed that something was amiss when he discovered that his father didn't return home and his telephone line wasn't connecting. He said as he was close to leave the house to look for his dad two policemen met him outside the house and asked if he was Courage.

He said on confirming his identity to them, they told him to return with them to the station and on arrival at the Masaka Division police headquarters , he saw his father lying face down during a pool of blood with a machete cut.

According to him, no immediate explanation was offered on the explanation for his father’s death.

Courage, who was flanked by other relatives and friends of the victim, accused the suspects of trying to use the police to justify the killing of his father.

“The same police that are charged with protecting the citizens of the country try to twist the matter. Our questions are: where is that the adulterous woman they claimed they caught my father having sex with? why she escaped and my father was caught and brutally killed and his manhood cut off? Did the lady escape naked, because they claimed they were caught within the act?

“Where is his phone for us to verify the last call he received before leaving the house and eventually getting murdered? This and lots of more questions we demand answers to.

“Nothing should be swept under the carpet. We demand justice. We also want the perpetrators to be delivered to book. We are begging the police to unravel the reality of this matter and see thereto that justice is served,” he said.

When our correspondent visited the house of Mr Adodokome within an equivalent axis, he met a young man who told him that Evelyn was still on the run.

According to the person , the lady is taking refuge in her daughter’s house at a location in Mararaba Karu.

Efforts to urge her number were futile and calls put through to her daughter’s telephone line weren't answered.

The state Police PR Officer (PPRO), Nansel Rahmnan, who confirmed the event to Saturday Tribune, said the suspects were in custody.

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