Gun-wielding guy drives into protest and shoots one protester in Seattle (Watch videos)

A gunman drove right into a protest, brandishing a gun at protesters, shooting certainly one of them inside the process.

The man reportedly drove through a barricade in Seattle, ploughing into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters.

The protesters surrounded his car and tried to stop him from moving further, so he exited the car with a gun.

Eyewitnesses claim the person headed closer to a crowd of protesters inside the city's Capitol Hill district before getting out of the car, brandishing a gun on Sunday, June 7.

"He exited his car and flashed a gun," a person tweeted with pictures of the incident.

"The police say they have the person in custody and feature the gun.

"They asked for all people who is hurt to return to the barricade. A man became on the floor on 11th and Pine. He’s up now."

A 27-year-vintage man suffered a gunshot wound and become taken to the sanatorium in stable condition. A photograph shared online indicates him being moved from the scene.

A quantity of other humans were reportedly injured on the scene.

The victim said he saw the auto coming down the road and pursued it to try and protect the crowd. The guy stated he punched the driver before being shot.

As for the gunman, he surrendered to the police after protesters stuck up with him.

"The protesters stopped the person with the gun. The guy with the gun ran to the police for safety," Chase Burns who filmed the incident wrote.

Twitter customers reacted via stating that even though the person had a gun, cops did not shoot him or use a taser on him.

Meanwhile, Portland Police have warned that no matter protests being peaceful, some humans are still coming armed. They shared a photo of a weapon seized, a knife that were connected to an umbrella.

Below is a video of the gunman capturing into the group and every other showing the injured man speakme after he become shot.



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