Boko Haram releases new video showing the execution of a soldier and a police office

Boko Haram has launched a new video displaying the execution of a Nigerian soldier and policeman.

The video showed the two protection officers, kneeling in a field, and introducing themselves earlier than masked men pointed weapons at them.

The officers said they have been on a ride from Maiduguri to Monguno while they have been ambushed and abducted through the insurgents whom they defined as “Tilafa army”.

“I am 13NA/70/8374 Lance Corporal Emmanuel Oscar, I became captured via Tilafa’s alongside Maiduguri to Monguno,” the soldier stated.

The policeman who spoke in Hausa language, said while they were Questioning him he stated saying “My name is Yohanah Kilus and I am a policeman, my rank is an inspector. I became abducted among Maiduguri and Monguno; I am presently in the custody of Tilafa soldiers.”

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