24-year-old woman robs a bank to pay debts in Vietnam (Pictures)

A 24yr old woman who is identified as Phung Thi Thang has been arrested by the police after she robbed a Techcombank branch at the Tan Phu District, Ho chi minh city In Vietnam.

This Incident was stated that it happened on Sunday, October 11.

According to the police, They said that the woman was seen wearing a cap and also a long sleeved shirt and a face mask as she was carrying a bag which contained five mini gas bottles disguised as bombs, an LED light string, a petroleum bottle and a lighter, entered the bank on Truong Vinh Ky Street on October 10.

According to the local news reports, it was said that after she threatened the bank staff with her "weapons" and asking them to put money into her bag, she quickly got onto a taxi and took off with the stolen VND2.1 billion.

Three hours later, the HCMC police arrested her at a supermarket in Tan Binh District.

It was gathered that on her way out, she had entered a commercial center in Tan Phu District to change her clothes to prevent the police from identifying her.

At the police station, Thang admitted to having planned to rob the bank as she had no money to pay her mounting debts.

The police are continuing to investigate the case.


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