Donald Trump’s campaign website hacked by hackers, who claim to have evidence that 'proves his criminal involvement with foreign actors to manipulate the election

Donald Trump's election campaign website has been temporary seized by hackers who claims that they have evidence to prove Donald Trump criminal Involvements with foreign actors to manipulate the presidential election.

A message was seen appeared on the president’s website that stated “this site has been seized” and the hackers claimed to have information that proved his ‘manipulation’ of the election.

The hackers posted a fake FBI-style seizure warning and claimed to have hacked various of Mr. Trump's devices to gain “full access” to the president and his family.

According to the report, the website experienced difficulties at 7.20 pm ET on Tuesday but was working normally again by 7.45 pm ET.

“Strictly classified information is exposed proving that the Trump gov is involved in the origin of the coronavirus,” the hacker’s post read.

“We have evidence that completely discredits Mr Trump as a president, proving his criminal involvement and cooperation with foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections. the US citizens have no choice.'”

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