49yr old Nigerian woman arrested at railway station in india for smuggling 840 cans of foreign-made beer

A 49yr old Nigerian woman who is identified as Mariam Eni Edakwo has been arrested at the New Delhi Railway station for smuggling 840 cans of foreign made beer.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) Harendra Kumra Singhh, who confirmed the arrest on Sunday, November 22, identified the accused as Mariam Eni Edakwo, wife of a Nigerian policeman.

According to Harendra; he said

"On Saturday, due to the suspicious movement, a woman was stopped and her luggage having 12 jute bags were checked. The bags contained 840 cans of beer. The woman was travelling in A-2 coach of Mumbai Rajdhani train from Mumbai to Delhi," Kumra Singhh said.

The beer cans were illegally brought into the country and then from Mumbai to Delhi, to be sold there, he added.

According to the DCP, Mariam Edakwo is married with three children. Her husband is in he Nigeria Police Force. She has been visiting India since 2011.

She had come to India in February for her garment business and was living in Mumbai. The seized beer is very popular with African nationals, he stated.

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