67 year old pervert who satisfies himself with a toothbrush while completely naked in a cemetery explains an excuse for his actions

A 67yr old pervert who is identified as Raymond James Startford was caught masturbating as he was totally naked with an electric toothbrush at a public cemetery in Adelaide Hills and he also offered a reason doing that.

On October 27, Raymond Stratford was arrested by undercover police at the Stirling District Cemetery, in Adelaide Hills.

He was handed an 18-month good behaviour bond over the incident.

According to police, It was stated that this is the second time he was doing it.

Two women lodged reports of a naked man masturbating at the cemetery on two separate occasions last month.

One of the women said he hung his clothes on the nearby wall before carrying out his sick act.

In court, Stratford pleaded guilty to two counts of committing a grossly indecent act at Mount Barker Magistrates Court on Wednesday, November 19.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of indecent behaviour.

His Defence lawyer, Sarah Bamford has now explained why he did it. She told the court he chose the location because he lived nearby and wanted to be out in the open.

‘That was what was going through his head at the time, it was purely being out in the wilderness,’ she said.

According to Sarah, her client believed he suffered an impulse control disorder relating to ‘compulsive sexual behaviour’.

But prosecutor Magistrate Lynette Duncan said the defendant showed complete disrespect to mourners.

‘Cemeteries, for obvious reasons, are places dedicated to the memory of loved ones who have passed away,’ she said in sentencing.

‘They are places of grief and respect, and people who attend cemeteries are often there at times of sadness to reflect on their memories of people that they’ve lost.

Raymond Stratford received a two month, 12 day jail sentence that was fully suspended.

He was ordered to pay $500 and adhere to an 18-month-good behaviour bond, as well as undergo rehabilitation, counselling and treatment.

The defendant apologised for his actions outside court and promised not to do it again.

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