Dog dies after being r*ped' and stabbed 30 times

According to a report, A Dog died after she was gang raped by several people in a bestiality attack that left her with 30 stab wounds.

The Footage that was released online showed the dog bleeding as she was strugging to move on the streets of Bogota, Colombia on November 1st.

Concerned passersby put a lead on the dog and place a sack under its bleeding body.

After the video ended, the group took the dog to the vets in the bag because it was too weak to walk on its own.

According to a resident who took the dog to the Vet (Marta Buitrago) told the newspaper El Tiempo that the dog appeared injured and very weak when she found her on the street.

Images and videos were shared on Facebook by Liliana Guerrero who said that the dog "was stabbed many times and sexually abused by several people".

She added: "Because she wouldn’t allow it, they stabbed her."

"They destroyed her genitals, stabbed her almost 30 times, punched her and caused other superficial injuries," she continued.

Tragically, Liliana later revealed the dog had died.

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