Football Legend Diego Maradona to be buried at Casa Rosada

It was reported that Diego Maradona suffered a cardiac arrest at a home in Tigre, Argentina.

Diego Maradona, is set to be buried at Casa Rosada, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina.

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While Speaking on 2 November, Diego Maradona’s doctor (Leopoldo Luque), told reporters the procedure was a ‘routine surgery’.

He also stated saying: “We are going to operate today. He is lucid, he understands, he agrees with the intervention.”

Since news of his death was announced, there has been an emotional trinutes, with people sending their condolences to his family and sharing their memories of watching him play.

The last goodbye to Diego Maradona will be at the Casa Rosada, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina.

According to local reports, official sources confirmed that the wake will be held in the entrance hall of Balcarce 50, starting tomorrow.

Reportedly, The President got in touch with Maradona’s family and offered that the football legend is buried in the executive mansion. Maradona’s family accepted as the farewell would begin tomorrow in the room closest to the entrance to the Government headquarters.

The ceremony also would be open to the public, despite the official restrictions still in place due to the pandemic.

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