Reasons Not To Pick The Reunion Calls From Your Ex-Lovers

Ignore that reunion call from your ex-lover. What is gone is gone, if they think you are good together, they won’t leave at first. Avoid being the extra-tire. Read this to an end before you argue with this piece of advice.

One of the questions I get from people is, ‘Should I say yes? I think he is now serious’. Frankly speaking, I always take my time to say NO. Because in most cases, they have made up their minds, but they needed someone they believe in to say ‘Go ahead’. I have never said no, neither yes. All I do is ask questions, and we all reach a reasonable conclusion that make them know they are on their own if they should go back.

It is a global fact that men don't know the value of what they have until it is lost. Greediness makes men by nature feel they can have a better person, with the ideal attitudes and beauty they desire.

Why Did They Leave At First?

They left because they believe you are not the best. They were of the opinion that they can get someone better than you. They looked at you critically and did not see a future with you. And after all these, they made a choice of either misbehaving which led to the breakup or they even confronted you and walked away, or they hurt your feelings by having someone they believe is better than you.

The breakup could have happen in any way, but the secret is, they did not appreciate you. They did not know your value. To them, you are not the 'perfect man or woman' they deserve.

You should be curious to ask why are they calling back for a reunion?

They just found out you are the best. They just discovered men are the same. No one is perfect, areas of weaknesses only differ. Some are calling back and they sincerely want you back. They have sincerely learnt from their mistakes, and they want to get things done in the proper and right way. 

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Question 1: Should you now honor the call?

They always remember how weak you are. Yes, they considered you weak. They believe you can be manipulated easily. They believe you are flexible to their touches on you. Yes! you are, but I think they failed to know all these were based on the love you had for them. They have a relationship, but they need someone to just have aside and cheat on without unnecessary alarm.

You will be surprise that most of the come back ex-lovers are already connected somehow, somewhere with someone. But they miss you and they believe they can get you at anytime.

Actually, that is what they will tell you “I miss you” “I miss the good old days”. Push them further to know what they miss. Be wise to push words into their mouths, “They will soon tell you how much they miss your touches on them”.

Question 2: Should you now honor the call?

My answer in two sides... Never you make the greatest mistake in your life to honor the call. Truly some are really back to make things right, but I cannot guarantee you one in a million. If you honor the call, you have just downgraded yourself. You just made it known that without them there cannot be happy you.

Accepting them back is opening the door of deeper pains, because the second hit is always more stronger than the first, no matter how little it is.

Whatever that is gone, should be gone. Be happy for good, and keep going ahead to have your best partner waiting for you ahead.

It is better for you to meet a partner who has fumbled with someone in the past and ready to get it right with you, than honoring the call of an ex-lover who fumbled with you. They are not the same.

Avoid the popular saying “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”. A devil will always be a devil and an angel will always be an angel. If at all the unknown will be a devil too, let me do his or her worst too. You rather take a hit from a fresh person than take it over and over from the same person.

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