Tyga Charged by landlord for unpaid rent and trashing L.A pad

American singer and Rapper, Tyga has been sued by his landlord for not paying his rent and also trashing the pad which is located in Los Angeles.

According to the TMZ reports, It was stated that the landlord said Tyga rigid them on $32k in rent when he left the place during April and he also accused Tyga of Leaving gouges in the Kitchen white oak flooring ($27,650), damaging marble flooring and counters ($15,575) and damaging walls with murals and wallpaper ($103,160.25).

He was also accused of installing a basketball hoop that damaged the driveway, and new locks that destroyed the entry door without permission.

Recounting how he tried to settle the issue through mediation in May, the landlord said he is now suing for breach of contract and wants more than $200K in damages after Tyga refused to play ball.

This is coming after Tyga was also sued in 2018 for failing to pay rent at a Beverly Hills pad.

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