What Donald Trump is doing is outrageous and an assault on our democracy - Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says (Watch video)

On Thursday, November 19, Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan strikes out a President Donald Trump after a political meeting the President-elect, Joe Bide had with a group of Governors.

Larry Hogan reacted as Donald Trump refused to cooperate with Joe biden as he described it as an Assault on America's Democracy.

Recounting how he congratulated Biden on the night the US Presidential race was called, Hogan added that more Republicans are coming to that point of knowing that the Democratic politician is now the President-elect.

He continued as he further disclosed that their discussion at the meeting include the vaccine development and Title 32 funding. Noting that everybody wants votes cast in the US election to be counted, Hogan averred that there is still no evidence of wide spread voter fraud as claimed by President Donald Trump.

The Maryland Governor affirmed that the current political war ignited by Donald Trump is bad for the US and Republicans because the US believes in counting votes and leaving it at that.



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