13-year-old girl stripped naked and thrown into the street in Benue state by her Aunt

"13-year-old girl stripped naked and thrown into the street in Benue state by her Aunt"

According to the reports gathered, It was stated that a 13yr old girl as been stripped naked by her aunty in Benue state around the Gboko South Local Government area as she was thrown to the street.

It was also stated that this happened on Saturday, December 5.

The Man (Ukan Kurugh) who shared the picture on Facebook stated that the girl used stack to cover herself after the woman threw her out and also told her to go and collect clothes from a Tailor.

According to him, He wrote:

“This is a situation in my area oo. A little girl of 13 years staying with her aunty in Gboko-south has always been beaten by her aunty everyday that passes.

“Today, 05/12/2020 around 10: 26am the aunty as usual beat her and throw her naked outside the gate and gave her an order to go and collect her clothes from the near by tailor unclad for reasons unknown to me. She has nothing on her and use a sack (Bagco bag) to cover her self.

I’m writing this as an eye witness. Please, I call on all the authorities to come to this little girl’s rescue.

Contact: 08139539914


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