21-year-old Woman Dies After Posting A Video Of Herself Killing An Owl

"Woman Dies After Posting A Video Of Herself Killing An Owl"
According to the reports, A 21yr old colombian woman who is Identified as Mileydis Aldana was assasinated just after she posted a video of herself beheading an owl on social media.

It was stated that she was Killed by a Motorcycle rider outside her residence in the town of Corozal In the state of Sucre on sunday afternoon.

Two men on a motorcycle showed up outside the entrance of her home in the Luis Carlos Galán neighborhood. One of the men then got off a motorcycle and shot her six times before they escaped.

According to reports, three bullets hit her, in the left arm, two in the left leg, and another in the chest. She was rushed to a nearby hospital by family members but she was dead.

Her death comes six months after Mileydis was dubbed the "Owl Killer" for beheading a live white barn owl in a graphic video she posted online, which went viral across Latin America and sparked outrage from animal-lovers and activists.


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