Animal rights activists threaten to keep disturbing Kylie Jenner until she vows not to wear a fur again

"Animal rights activists threaten to keep going after Kylie Jenner until she promises not to wear fur again"
From the reports gathered from the TMZ news, It was reported that some animal right activists have threatened to keep disturbing Kylie Jenner Until she vows not to wear a Fur again.

Recaping that SoCal Animal Defense League Warned Kylie Jenner during the Weekend in Beverly Hills as they slammed and called her a Monster.

TMZ has now reported that activist Rob Banks revealed that the group targeted Kylie because she wears fur and was shopping at Moncler, which sells fox fur coats. They told the publication that they will not stop going after Kylie until she swears off fur.

It was gathered that they now made Kylie a target even if she's not wearing fur and will hunt her down wherever she goes. They added that they will like to see Kylie join other members of her family, like Kim Kardashian in embracing faux fur. The organization said "there's nothing uglier than stealing someone else's skin.''


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