Nigerian Barbie doll, Bobrisky says he will do full a $300K s*x change in 2021

"Bobrisky says he’ll do full $300K sex change in 2021"
Nigerian crossdresser and also Fashionista who is identified Bobrisky and also known as Idris Okuneye, 28, said he would go for full gender change next year, 2021.

In his posts, He stated a Doctor who is Identified as Dr. Philip who will help him in the surgery next year.

He said he had banked the money and was ready to go.

He also said he was not afraid to die, should there be complications from it.

Bobrisky revealed why he changed himself into a woman after being a man for almost 25 years of his life.

The socialite and brand influencer stated that he kept struggling even with a certificate as an accounting graduate from the University of Lagos.

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According to Bobrisky, he noticed his female friends were cashing out, so he decided to join them by cross dressing, since he already has some existent female features.

Read his full post:

“Dis message is for you all to read before you judge me. I was formally a man for almost 25yrs, nothing to show for it. I kept struggling even with my certificate as a graduate of accounting in university of Lagos, nothing to still show for it. I saw how all my females friends were cashing out back then. I went home and think about my life. If I join robbery they will end up killing me, secondly I don’t even have that heart  to think to that dimension or to even scam people of their sweat . while I was growing I have a little bit of female features in me, so I decide to try what cross dressing look like. Under one yr of cross dressing I started making money . I was still surprise . So I gave my body more time, rubbing expensive creams, smelling good, using more of females body pills  and looking out for myself. Boom  more money keep coming… men admiring me, women giving me endorsements from right and left. Short story I fit in as a female to a man. God bless all d women around d world  many of you love me and accepted me, save me and I will always respect WOMEN”.
In a prior post, she posted the photo of someone who carried out sex change.

Bobrisky wrote: If she didn’t die during her sex change, trust me I won’t die. God forbid if I did no problem, I’m happy I did wat makes me happy. Period !!!!!. Have always loved to be a woman from child birth. Now that I have plenty money , let my wish come to pass. Colombia here I come. Doctor Philip is about to give some wet pu***sy” he wrote.


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