“Boko Haram attacks are Instigated by international community to Unrest Nigeria” – Army spokesperson, Sagir Musa says- Elizabeth blog

“Boko Haram attacks are Instigated by international community to Unrest Nigeria”

From the reports gained, The Director of the Army Public Relations to the Nigerian Army (Col Sagir) stated that the Boko Haram attack In Nigeria was supported and also sponsored by the International Community to make Nigeria Unrest.

In a Reports that was Widespreaded on Wednesday, December 2 which showed the Tragic beheading of 40 rice farmers in Borno state who were killed by Boko Haram on November 28.

“The recent killing of our people on a rice farm in Borno State was unexpected, inhuman, cowardly, dastardly and sadistic cruelty by the Boko Haram terrorists.

He also stated that there isn't an Human being that will take that step killing humans and harmless civilians who were working on their farms, and that is the nature of the terrorism and also those who sponsored it.

There is an international conspiracy to cut Nigeria to size and compromise national renegades making attempts to Unrest and dismember Nigeria if possible in subservience to the international paymasters, who are the owners of Boko Haram. They train them, arm them, finance them and supply their logistics.” The article reads.

Musa also stated that Boko Haram would have been completely challenged if they were not Sponsored by the international communities.

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