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"Jimmy lai arrested by the Hong Kong government after a Fraud"

According to the reports, An Hongkong media Influencer (Jimmy Lai) has been arrested on Thursday, December 3 after he was charged with Fraud relating to the Illegal use of his Company.

From the reports gained, It was stated that Jimmy Lai is the Owner of the HongKong Tabloid and also the founder of the Next Digital Media which Publishes Apple Daily. It a well-read tabloid that is frequently critical of Hong Kong and mainland Chinese leadership.

It was also stated that Jimmy Lai will remain in the Custody till his next court date, Next year April.

He and two Next Digital Media executives were also charged on Wednesday night when making a regular reporting appearance to police over their previous arrests in August under the national security law.

According to the Local reports, The executives, chief operating officer Royston Chow Tat-Kuen, and chief administrative officer Wong Wai-Keung were released on bail on Thursday, while Jimmy Lai was denied bail because he was considered an "absconding risk".

The Teams were accused of breaching land-lease terms by misusing Next Digital’s office space in Tseung Kwan O for other purposes.

It comes a day after three prominent pro-democracy activists, Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam were jailed for their activism.

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