Police arrests S*x party Organizers in Kaduna state

"Police arrests Sex party Organizers in Kaduna state"

According to the report gathered, Some Youths were arrested by the Police after organizing a sex party in Kaduna state.

It was stated that the Youth advertised the event on Social media platforms as they scheduled a date that it will hold on December 27, 2020 and the location was not disclosed.

It was shown that the invitation detailed that participants, male and female are not expected to wear cloths but come naked. They also stated that the party will start by 8pm till day break so the participants can have sex during the party.

The invite stated that interested participants would have to pay N2,000 (for the popular side) and 3,000 naira or 5,000 naira (for VIP).

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, one of the promoters of the event, said,
“Kaduna Sex Party started as a joke between me and my friends; it was not meant to go public. It was not meant to cause any nuisance among the public in Kaduna State. It was just someone that felt that she was too brilliant that posted it on Twitter.

"I never posted the party invite on Twitter. Yes, I initiated it, yes, it started as a joke, but I keep saying it, it was not meant to disturb the peace and security of Kaduna. The whole thing was a joke. A friend made the flier that was posted on Twitter and put my number on it and we all laughed over it, but somebody sent it to someone and then to another person, until it got to Twitter.”
Earlier in the day, the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA) demolished Asher Hotel in Barnawa area of the state over the event.

The agency, which is in charge of the planning and development of all urban areas in Kaduna, announced this in a tweet.

It alleged that the hotel was the proposed venue for the sex party, though a flyer attached to the tweet had no detail of the proposed location for the party.

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