5-month-old baby dies as man jumps from 17th floor building in Russia

5-month-old baby dies as man jumps from 17th floor building in Russia

According to the reports, A 5-month-old baby has died in Russia after a man jumped from the 17th floor of a building and landed on the baby's Stroller.

It was also reported that the sad moments happened on Thursday and were captured on CCTV in the south-western city of Voronezh.

In the footage, It was seen that the mother was leaving an apartment blocking pushing a pram with her child inside.

She turns onto the street and is seen walking along the pavement.

She then turns to the left to cross a road, pushing the pram out in front of her, when a man falls from above and onto the street.

As he falls he lands partially on the pram, hitting the baby and knocking it out onto the tarmac.

The distraught woman can be seen picking the baby up and holding it in her hands while reportedly crying to people nearby for help.

The Woman was seen picking up the baby and holding its hands while she cried out for help as witnesses calls for an ambulance and also the police.

Paramedics arrived at the scene within several minutes and tried to revive the child but unfortunately the baby died.

The man was also dead at the scene due to the fall from the Building.

Local media also reported that the baby was the woman’s firstborn child.

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