Egypt receives the Shipment of 50,000 AstraZeneca jab doses from India

Egypt receives 50,000 AstraZeneca jab doses from India

On Sunday, It was reported that Eqypt has received a shipment of over 50,000 AstraZeneca jab doses which was manufactured in India.

It was also stated that the shipment arrived at Cairo International Airport on Emirates EK 927 from India via Dubai, where authorities finalized procedures for its release.

The Presidential Adviser, Mohammed Awad Tag-El Din announced that Eqypt will gradually receive the coronavirus Vaccines from different sources and also referred to the arrival of 50,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses.

Speaking Further, Mohammed Awad stated that Pregnant women will not recieve vaccines at Egypt’s jab stock had been urgently fast-tracked.

He also stated that the country will target the healthcare workers, elderly and those with infected with the deadly disease.

Mohammed Awad also stated saying “Pharmaceutical factories have worked to cover our needs of medicine for the coronavirus treatment protocol. We have a strategic reserve of medical devices and equipment,” Tag El-Din said.

Egypt’s Health Ministry also announced the launch of a vaccine application website.

The Adviser to the Minister of health for Information technology, Issam Salah stated that the website was created to handle requests to receive the experimental Coronavirus vaccines, as the website has receive more than 10,000 requests in the first hour of its launch.

While Salah was speaking, He said that there are three ways to submit an application on the site: By Registering online, by phone, or in-person at listed hospitals that will be announced at a later date.
Egyptian citizens will be able to use the website to submit vaccination requests once registrations open in the coming days.

The Spokesperson of the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) Aly Al-Ghamrawi, told the Eqyptian media that the EDA are studying the ASTRAZENECA vaccine, and once the necessary requirements are met, an approval decision will be filed for its emergency use.

The EDA is also studying Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for local registration and to make it available for Egyptian citizens along with China’s Sinopharm jab, which has been approved for emergency use.
Mohammed Hassani, assistant to the minister of health for initiatives and a member of the ministry’s Scientific Committee to Combat COVID-19, told media that a new clinical research study is being conducted in Egypt on the Russian vaccine.

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