NDLEA arrests 7 suspects and seized cannabis that worth N1.4bn in Edo state

NDLEA arrests 7 suspects and seized cannabis that worth N1.4bn

The National Drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA) In Edo state has seized cannabis which worth N1.4bn in edo state, Ukpuje Forest in the Owan West Local Government Area of the State

It was also reported that 7 suspects has been arrested after having connection with the Cannabis Weighing 233,778 kilograms as it was found in four warehouses.

The NDLEA seized 2,249kg dried weeds and cannabis weighing 231,529kg was destroyed on the farm.

According to the state commander agency, Buba Wakawa, He stated that the seizure was the largest single concentration of cannabis that was discovered by the command.

While speaking further, Buba said

 “We took delivery of two new Hilux operational vehicles presented to the command last week. This is the first assignment of the vehicles and it turned out to be the best for the command. We are grateful to the chairman, and this is a clear warning that there is no room for drug barons in the state.
“The warehouses are located in the heart of the forest, yet we were able to uncover them based on intelligence gathering. The cannabis warehouses were located at Ukpuje Forest.
“The community is notorious for cannabis cultivation and trafficking as well as attacks on law enforcement officers, but stood still as a combined team of NDLEA and combatant military personnel overran the drug trafficking syndicates due to our superior fire power.”

The suspects who were arrested are as follow;  Emmanuel Oki, 62; one Chief Odi Sabato, 42; Bright Edegbe, 53; Gowon Ehimigbai, 53; Enodi Ode, 37; Ayo Oni, 30; and Akhime Benjamin, 43..

He added, “The operation lasted from Thursday night through Friday night February 5, 2021. The suspects will be investigated and charged.”

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