“Banks are turning female marketers to sexual slaves” – Senator Ayo Akinyelure says

“Banks are turning female marketers to sexual slaves” – Senator Ayo Akinyelure says

Senator Ayo Akinyelure has made a statement that Nigerian banks have turned female marketers into Harlots and sexual slaves due to the unrealistic deposit targets they give them.

He made this known as he sponsored a bill at the Senate that seeks to stop employers in the private and public sectors from engaging employable Nigerian graduates as casual workers.

According to him, He said:

“In the banking and insurance industry, for instance, many young graduates particularly females are employed as marketers and given unrealistic customer deposit targets running into millions.”
“They are hired and fired at will when such unrealistic targets are not met.
“The female among them who are desperate in keeping their jobs turn to harlotry and sex slavery.
“They, move from one office to the other looking for invisible customers who have large funds to enable them meet their targets.
“It is high time this evil and devilish act is stopped.”
Supporting, Senator Biodun Olujimi said:
“Our girls have been turned into what we cannot imagine.
“Most of them have been asked to look for funds, and when they come to us, I always tell them, I do not even have the funds to eat; how can I have funds to keep with you in the bank?
“They will never be promoted if they don’t bring in such funds, and this is a banking industry that is privately owned, yes, but has made so much profit, and from the profit they could at least take the few that they can manage properly, rather than take a lot that they will be giving pittance.”

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