Community Shocked As N*ked Man Is Seen Knocking On Doors And Waving Bible At Residents in Florida

Community Shocked As N*ked Man Is Seen Knocking On Doors And Waving Bible At Residents in Florida

According to the Daily star UK, It was reported that a Naked man was seen knocking the doors and also waving Bible at Residents.

The man was shot while running naked though an apartment block, knocking on doors, brandishing a Bible and asking: “You want some of this?”

Police were already responding to a call about the Bible-waving naked man at the Sunshine Garden Apartments when they got a second emergency call telling them that the mystery man had been shot.

The First responders arrived at the block in at 6840 Pembroke Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, US, to find a naked man on the ground and bleeding.

He was taken by helicopter to the nearby Memorial Regional Hospital with gunshot wounds that are reportedly life-threatening.

The identities of the naked man and the alleged shooter have yet to be disclosed by police.

Destiny Williams has only recently moved into Sunshine Garden Apartments. She told the Florida Sun Sentinel that she was ready to move out in the wake of the bizarre incident.

The naked man had knocked on Destiny’s door shortly before the shooting.

She said: “He was knocking on doors and when you open it he was like… ‘You want some of this?’ …pointing to his private area. That was crazy.”

“I’ve never seen him before,” she added. “He doesn’t live here. I don’t know why the hell he’d be running around with no clothes on.”

Shortly after police arrived on the scene, a man who identified himself as the shooter called emergency number 911 and admitted firing a gun at the unexpected nudist.

“He wanted to surrender himself to police,” said Pembroke Pines police Major Al Xiques. “He was detained by police and is being questioned.”

The landlord of the apartment building, Boris Ovrugsky, says he got a call from police about the incident early on Wednesday, February 23.

Explaining that he hadn’t been present at the time of the shooting, he told reporters: “I had a detective call me and tell me that somebody was running around naked, not from the community, but from outside, and someone from the apartments shot him.”

Police described to Ovrugsky how the mystery man had been “knocking on the door naked, and then someone shot him.”

The precise motive for the shooting, and why the Bible-brandishing nudist had been Sunshine Garden Apartments in the first place, are not yet known, say police.

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