Viral video of an elderly white woman spitting on a black caregiver (Watch video)

Elderly white woman video while she was spitting on Black caregiver (Watch video)

It went viral on Social media as a Care giver videoed the moment an elderly white woman spitting on her multiple times.

In video that was shared, the caregiver is seen washing the dishes while the elderly woman stands beside her, chewing something, before spitting at her.

The elderly woman did not stop there, as she asked the caregiver if she wants more. She then chewed what she had in her hand then spits at the caregiver again.

Watch the video below

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  1. Any caregiver that video tapes their patients is asking for trouble. Breaching confidentiality. There is probably more to this story than is let on. It doesn't matter what race anyone is. This patient could have dementia that is characterized by hostility and confusion. They act out at everyone including family members. They literally are out of their minds. I have cared for these patients as family and not as family. Either way, filming and posting any of them would be considered illegal.