Former s*x worker with two v*ginas says she uses one for work and one for romance

Former s*x worker with two v*ginas says she uses one for work and one for romance

A Former escort Evelyn Miller has revealed that she has two vaginas and she was born with it. It is also classified into two the cervixes and uteruses.

She said having two vaginas allowed her to separate her sex work from her romantic life.

Evelyn Miller, 30, found out she had uterus didelphys at the age of 20.

This means she has to use two tampons as she has simultaneous periods.

She worked in the sex industry for eight years and says her extra vagina was useful for endurance reasons and to separate work from her personal life.

According to the DailyStar UK she said; "To me it's my normal and I never really thought it was that intriguing, but apparently it's very intriguing."
Former s*x worker with two v*ginas says she uses one for work and one for romance
She continued: "I guess not many people can say that they use one vagina for work and one for personal life. It was helpful with work to be able to have a whole other vagina.

"It was handy for endurance – if I had a lot of bookings and I was getting uncomfortable in one, I could just use the other one.

"It's tough being in a relationship with an escort for all sorts of reasons and you especially don't want your sex life compromised at home – it really enabled me to have that separation.

"When I got into a relationship it was better for me to separate the two."

Evelyn claims her condition leaves clients "mind blown" and that a gynaecologist once turned their session into a medical exam.

Evelyn said: "Some clients I will tell and they don't believe me at first until I show them and then they're completely mind blown.

"They ask to try it out, look at it and put their fingers in it.

"A client thought that I'd had a sex change gone wrong, which was a little bit offensive – he was a little bit scared of it.

"I have a million questions - there's so many questions already with sex work, so together it adds a lot more intrigue."

Evelyn claims her uteruses are half the size and a different shape to a regular one and that she was told she may have difficulty conceiving.

But, she is now six months pregnant with a baby boy in her right uterus.

She explained: "Not knowing if I'd be able to have kids, and that being pregnant is quite high risk, was really daunting.

"I actually fell pregnant during a foursome - we were filming with two of my girlfriends and my partner.

"I sent them a text the day I found out and they think they're lucky charms."

She added: "I was told I could get pregnant in each side at the same time, or about three weeks apart – it takes about three weeks for your body to register that you're pregnant in one uterus.

"I could carry babies in each one but they wouldn't be the same age."

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