"I Hardly Take My Bath Everyday”- Popular Lagos Beautician, Shineshine reveals

"I Hardly Take My Bath Everyday”- Popular Lagos Beautician, Shineshine reveals

A renowned Lagos based beautician, Divine Nkiruka Adedayo who is well known on Instagram as @_shineshine_skincare_spa has disclosed the reason why she hardly taking her bath.

The Imo State-born mother of two, revealed this top secret in an exclusive interview she had with Gbolahan Adetayo. The Chief Executive Officer of Divine Top Trainer Skinguru, also spoke on so many things people really needs to know about her, among others.

While Speaking in the Interview she said;

Can you tell us more about yourself?
My name is Divine Nkiruka Adedayo, i am from Imo State but i’m married to a Yoruba man who hails from Osun State, our union is blessed with 2 kids. i am a Beautician who takes good care of people’s skins and i train people as well. So far, i have trained over 200 students. By April 16, i will be 5 years in this business.
Share with us how the journey started for you?
Glory be to God almighty because the journey has been very rosy. I see no one as my competitor. I was once into Ushering which i do every Sunday at Aromire where i was recieving N3,000 per show. I met a woman who later trained me the business I am doing today. I saw her and i really appreciated her skin, i walked up to her and she said she will introduce me to something because she liked me, she felt that i could do something better with my life rather than the Usheribg. The rest is now history. I actually spent 2 months learning it.

Many young ladies who are into mixing creams especially in the Yoruba movie industry are so rich while the old ones are not, what is the problem?
What i will say concerning that is that, everyone has his/her own time, i believe time is speaking for the younger ones. The old ones might have delved into other businesses and they probably see that this particular one is moving and they eventually ventured into it without having the basic knowledge about it. I train old people too but after the training, i see the younger ones flourishing more. i believe the push and the energy are always there for the youths.
Can you share with us some of the challenges in this business?
There are lot of challenges in the business. sometimes, you could mix creams and it turned out to be watering. Some of the powders we use have same colour, the same texture but they all work differently. If there is a mistake from where you got it from or the new sales girl mistakenly gives you what you are not supposed to use, you have no choice than to trash the production and that is a huge lost.
Today, you see people bleaching with different colours in their body, what can you say is the cause of this?
The truth of the matter is that, good things are not cheap, cheap things are not good. Trust me on that. I import some of my containers from China and i know how much i pay to bring them to Nigeria, now do you expect me to mix seven items together and sell it N10,000? obviously no, meanwhile 80% of my customers are based in abroad. Some are in USA, Canada and Holland, they know the quality of my products. You can’t tell me that you want to get 10 items for N10,000, and you expect to get the best, trust me you can’t get the best and the result you get from that is the blue black colours we are talking about.
sometimes when you meet ladies using whitening creams, they smell woefully, what could be the cause of that?
The problem is that the people who mixed the creams refused to upgrade themselves, they don’t intend to learn new ideas about the job. I am proud to say that i learnt the job from 4 different people but i acknowledge one person as my boss. Others are top people on the Island, if i want to upgrade or learn something new about the business, i contact them and they will put me through. Like the way i learnt my 5D soap and others, sometimes i will have to drive down to their place and upgrade myself. some of these products i mentioned are not mixing, i made them from scratch.
It is rampant among your colleagues that each time they are stepping out, they apply heavy make up on their faces but your own case is different. Tell us what is the secret?
Before i started selling cream, i first worked on myself. I spent over N700,000 to achieve this kind of look you are seeing now, and my boss can attest to that. My boss made me realized that it is me people wants to buy, i can not be selling skin products while i look horrible. I used to have a very terrible sunburn, i worked on myself and i achieved that wow skin before i begin selling. Anybody i advertise my products to, they will first look at my skin and definitely patronize me because they can see the effects of the products on me, from head to toes. I dont wear make up and i look more cute when you see me face to face than the way i appears on instagram. Unknown to many, i do not like bathing. i must tell you the truth, i dont like bathing, sometimes i bath three times in a week, my husband will say {Obun Oloorun} meaning a dirty girl but i dont stinks.Though i may sometimes take my bath ten times daily. Like after production, if i dont take my bath i wont be able to sleep but the fact is that i dont like bathing everyday which you won’t know because I look good and smell nice.
How do you feel going out without bathing?
I feel comfortable because i am 24/7 under Air Conditioners, i am not smelling bad. There is AC in my car, my house and my office.
Lets talk about your new business empire you are about to unveil. Can you tell us more about it?
My new office is now located at no 115, Powerline Road, Off Old Otta Road, Agege, very close to my old office. We are opening it officially in April and expect something good on that day. I want people to come and celebrate with me. I got this land and i told myself we are using just four months in building it, glory be to God because i actually achieved that. Of course there were lots of challenges during the construction but i thank God. i broke my leg in the process but i still move to make sure that the place is ready within that four months.
How much does it cost you to put this place together?
I can’t really do the estimations because i spent alot of money. Let me say i spent over N150,000,000.00 and GTBank can attest to this because that is where i often withdraw for the project, they know how much i had in the account then.
Can you tell us some of your celebrity costumers?
I have several top people who patronizes my business but i can’t mention their names on the pages of newspaper.
Share with us your background story?
I am so popular here in Agege as Omo Iya Elepo, my mum was into palm oil business and of course i used to assist her in selling it at Iwaya market. I have the gift of selling and make money, anything i put my hands on must sell. I went to Keke High School and from there to Bright Home Children School. I tried all i could to secure an admission at the Yabatech which didn’t worked out after spending one year. I scored 210 in Jamb but unfortunately, i wasn’t picked and the same thing happened at the University of Ilorin, i gave up until i met someone who helped me to get an admission at the Lagos State University where i graduated in Banking and Finance.

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