Sad! 9 Children and 10 Others Die After Eating a Turtle in Madagascar

Sad! 9 Children, 10 Others Die After Eating a Turtle in Madagascar
It was reported that 19 people has died over a food poisoning in Madagascar.

Out of the 19 people, 9 were children and they died from food poisoning in Madagascar after eating a turtle, sources said Thursday.

According to the Health and Food Safety Control Agency On Monday, 34 people were hospitalized in Vatomandry, in the east of the island, after eating the protected species, Ten of them died, it said

Another nine people, all of them children, died at home after eating meat from the same turtle, region’s governor said.

Health authorities have warned against eating turtles, as well two dozen species of fish, which feed on algae that can be toxic during the November-March hot season.

Dozens of food poisonings occur each year in coastal Madagascar and deaths are common.

Sixteen fatalities were recorded in two incidents in the 2017-18 hot season.

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