Jealous Girlfriend Cuts Off her Boyfriend P*nis with scissors and flush it in Toilet (Photos)

Jealous Girlfriend Cuts Off her Boyfriend P*nis with scissors and flush it in Toilet (Photos)

According to the reports, It was stated that a man identified as Huang was rushed to the Hospital after his Girlfriend Phung cuts off his penis with scissors and flushed it down the Toilet.

Phung, allegedly cut his penis off with a pair of kitchen scissors after accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her; she allegedly flushed the penis down the toilet so that it couldn't be reattached

It was reported that the 52-year-old man had fallen into a deep sleep after eating a bowl of chicken noodles soaked in wine at his home in Changhua County's Xihu Township in Taiwan.

The father-of-three woke up to find he was 'bleeding extensively' and 20 per cent of his penis had been sawn off, according to local media.

His girlfriend, named only as Phung, 40, allegedly cut his penis near the base with a pair of kitchen scissors, Taipei Times reports.

She then allegedly flushed the sex organ down the toilet so that it couldn't be reattached by medics.

Phung then went to the police station to turn herself in while police and paramedics attended to Huang who discovered that part of his penis was still missing.
Jealous Girlfriend Cuts Off her Boyfriend P*nis with scissors and flush it in Toilet (Photos)

They recover a large pair of bloodstained scissors that were found dropped just outside the house.

A fire brigade spokesman told local media that the injured man 'could still walk on his own although he was bleeding extensively'.

He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance to nearby Changhua Christian Hospital where medics said that they had to operate in order to stem the bleeding.

They confirmed that 1.5 centimetres (0.59 inches) had been chopped off from the end of his penis but said that his scrotum and testicles were still intact.

Hospital deputy director Chou Chih-chung said: 'Examination showed Huang's 'manhood' was sliced off and still bleeding, so doctors had to perform emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, and repair the urethra for urine release. His scrotum and testicles are still intact.'

Huang 'is not in any deadly danger. He was still in pain after recovering from anesthetics, but can drink water and eat normally,' Chou added.

'The main length of the patient's 'manhood' could not be found and could not be reattached. The remaining part is insufficient to engage in sexual intercourse, therefore the best way is to implant an artificial penis,' Chou said.

'He will need further reconstructive surgery and also psychological counseling.'

Police have confirmed that they are investigating whether Phung had spiked her boyfriend's food.

Neighbours told local media that they often heard the couple arguing and Phung had accused him of cheating.

The couple had reportedly moved in together around 10 months ago and Phung, from Vietnam, had allegedly obtained Taiwanese citizenship by marrying a local man and later divorcing him.

Phung has since allegedly said she acted on impulse and anger - and now faces charges of aggravated assault.

Her boyfriend has been told that he will no longer be able to have sex and is being given advice on having an artificial implant and reconstructive surgery. He is also being offered psychological counselling.

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