Lovely moment as a Man proposes to his lover at a Airport

Lovely moment as a Man proposes to his lover at a Airport

An Ugandan man who couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with the love of his life surprised her with a proposal while she returned from Saudi Arabia.

The man identified as Ryan without delay or hesitation, popped the question to his lover, Ann as she arrived at the airport.

The lady is said to have been a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia, but after years of toiling, she finally found a way back home.

On reaching her motherland, a pleasant surprise was waiting for her from her boyfriend whom she left back home when she traveled overseas in search of greener pastures.

The proposal happened at Entebbe airport and she said Yes.

While reacting some social users commented;

Ahabyona Solomon said;
I hope her money is well placed on a fixed deposit account. Dig a hole to keep your money safe otherwise you’re going to b scammed.

Daniel Okello; Better keep that money you got from kyeyo otherwise the guy is just being strategic

Mirable Titachoe; Some comments here irritates me,so one can’t propose to her girlfriend again because the girl is coming from abroad, and for u guys it totally means he is looking for the girls money,dose the man looks like a hungry man to u people dat are commenting rubbish.

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