“All I got from my former best friend was envy and not being loved” – Bobrisky reveals

All I got from my former best friend was envy and not being loved– Bobrisky reveals

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky has taken to Instagram to narrate how he had bestfriends and how they turn him down.

While he wrote his post, It also narrated how he fought all his formers friends just to stay loyal to his former best friend, but got jealousy and not being loved the way he loved instead.

Bobrisky who insisted that there are no best friends, advised people who were former friends to walk away silently and never allow others know the secret they shared.

He wrote;

I’m very emotional
Little things bother me, imagine showing ur so called best friends nothing but TRUE LOVE, love to d extend of inconveniencing urself most times. Fighting all ur so called best friends (former friends)just because u want to stay loyal and make someone happy !!!
And all you get from such person is jealousy, envy lastly not loved d same way you love d person. D love only comes when you lend him or her ur money and they won’t still pay back o !!! Such friend just walk away forever and never come back. Don’t drag such friend on social media o just walk away silently let nobody know the secret you both shared when together

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