Dating Younger men is a Nightmare- Actress Ruth Eze reveals

Dating Younger men is a Nightmare- Actress Ruth Eze reveals

Nollywood actress, Ruth Eze who just turned a year older yesterday, July 16, has revealed her worst nightmare with Younger men.

During an Interview, Ruth Eze said;

” As I turned a year older, I feel very grateful for life, for good health and God’s grace upon my life. I feel so happy. However, my birthday wish is to be happily married before the end of this year 2021. I dread to remain single but I don’t ever want to have anything to do with a younger lover; just forget it. They are nightmares. I’ll also pick money over sex and love because without money, love becomes sour. No sweet love without money.”
“I want to stop been nice to ungrateful people. I’m always too nice, even to strangers, I want to change that part of me too. I want to focus more on my career and business RUTHY UNISEX SALON, and the happy family I have. As for my big boobs, I don’t want to change anything because it is a beautiful advantage. If I have my baby, he or she will not lack breast milk.”
“I went on a date with my ex, at eatery and a guy came to approach me for relationship, it was so weird.
I immediately walked out on him. After a while, I stood up, heading to the restroom to ease myself, unfortunately, I fell down and the guy who had approached me then started making fun of me. It was such a sorry sight. You can imagine that embarrassing moment. I felt like crying.”

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