Why i will never post my Husband photo on social media- Ruth Kadiri reveals

Why i will never post my Husband photo on social media- Ruth Kadiri reveals

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has revealed the reason why she will never show or post her husband on social media.

During a recent Interview, she said

“Okay, first of all, my marriage is not top-secret. If it were top-secret, you wouldn’t know that I’m married. Secondly, my husband is not top-secret, if you are close to me and you know me in the real sense, you would know that he’s not a secret. My husband goes to location, he visits my set when I’m working. He’s home, my friends come home, they know him, they’ve had interactions with him, family and friends know him, what else? That’s just about it. I’m not about stressing emotionally, mentally, I’m just okay. Anybody that knows me personally, knows my husband and that’s alright.”

“These are all genuine concerns and cause for worry and I think every person that has been a mother has gone through that process of worry but when you have supportive people around you, your partner, your family, it’s always easier to deal with and eventually, you’ll come to terms with the new reality. Nothing is ever lost. The time you used to cater for your baby, to take care of your child, it’s never lost. Whatever is yours will always come to you regardless of when. So far, it’s been good. I have loving people around and so I don’t feel that much pressure, I don’t have that much pressure. I thought I was even going to have it so, basically it was just fear that held me down at some point but after the whole process, I don’t even feel any of such pressure or restrain,”.

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