Just cheat on me with sense and use protection- Moyo Lawal tells her future husband

Just cheat on me with sense and use protection- Moyo Lawal tells her future husband

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has expressed her opinion if she has a cheating Partner. According to her she said that her partner can cheat on her but it should be in a sensible way.

During an Interview with SUN News, she said;

“Yes, I can you forgive and take back a cheating partner. In fact, I don’t see my man cheating as a big deal. My own is don’t come and be pretending that you are “one holy than thou ” or neglect your duties. Just cheat on me with sense and use protection.”

 “It was more because before I started my skincare business a couple of years ago, I didn’t have a stable income (in the sense that with acting even though I was working regularly, I couldn’t actually make a financial budget for the year) I wasn’t about to start a family without being able to plan properly. Nothing terrifies me more than bringing children into this world to suffer.Stardom “almost”deprived me of a chance to have a regular life but when I started my business, me sef became a regular person. So, nobody can use stardom to blackmail me again (laughs).”

 “If he ticks my list, why not if not? I think it might even be easier for me because marriage is a job you have to be willing to work on for the rest of your life. Hence, if he is much older, it might be a lot more easier respecting his decisions, opinions and trusting him not to lead us astray because he has lived many lifetimes. In fact, a Husband material for me is definitely someone who has sense and empathy. Treats the waiter like a colleague, has deep family values but he is not society-driven ( what will people say kind of person). Then he has to be crazy to a very large extent (Covers face).”

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