I have trust Issues- Adesua etomi reveals

I have trust Issues- Adesua etomi reveals

Nollywood actress, Adesua etomi and wife of Banky W has disclosed that she has trust issues.

The mom-of-one made this revelation during a Program at the Waterbrook church which is located in Lagos state.
Taking about her Trust issues, she said;

“I have serious trust issues. God and I have been working on it for a couple of years. I believe I am still on a journey so I am coming to you from the place of still being on this journey. Nobody is perfect and the aim is progression, not perfection. I have trust issues when I am dealing with God or God is dealing with me in specific situations. I even have trust issues when it comes to the most mundane things.”

Speaking further about herself, she revealed that she is a very emotional person and also love watching movies and reading Scripts

“I love movies and I enjoy reading scripts. I also love watching stage plays. I love everything that has to do with acting. That being said, I am also very emotional. It used to be a problem for me before because I wanted to be a ‘hard guy’. (However), I have started to embrace it and realise that God created me the way he did for a purpose and it also helps in being able to empathise with people. Now, I see it as a strength of mine.

“I am also the kind of person that cries for no reason when watching a movie that is emotional or listening to a song. I could be watching a film and the scene could be emotional in a sad or happy way. And, I would just start crying because it’s making me sad or pulling my heartstrings.”

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