I can't date or marry Religious man- Actress Rita Akoji spills

I can't date or marry Religious men- Actress Rita Akoji spills

Nollywood actress, Rita Akoji has spoken on why she can never date or Marry a Religious man.

During an Interview with Potpourri, the actress she revealed that she is attracted to a man who has wisdom and also looks.

What attracts me to the opposite sex are looks and wisdom. You have to be ambitious, smart, and handsome! I don’t like religious men though

Talking about about her Understanding about Religious men, She said;

''There’s a difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual man knows the difference between good and evil and when evil seems like good he stays back at good. A religious man is indoctrinated, he knows the difference between good and evil but indoctrination makes him not differentiate evil that seems like good.

For example, there’s a common quote that states, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”A spiritual man will love his neighbors regardless of differences in religion and belief etc. But a religious man will only love those with the same belief as him''.

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