Korra Obidi husband apologizes to her days after he called her out on social media (Video)

Korra Obidi husband apologizes to her days after he called her out on social media (Video)

Justin Dean the Husband of Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi has apologized about the comments he made against his wife, Korra.

This comes after the father-of-two took to social media to call out his wife for cheating on him.

Taking to his Instagram page to clear of the air, He revealed that all what he said about korra being a "cheat" is inccurate as he revealed that she only cheated in the beginning of the relationship but he forgave her and moved on.

Speaking about his Kids not being his, He revealed that he loves his children and will always be there for them.

Watch the video below.........

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  1. I belive that it was just a publicity stunt for them to make money because they are broke so many differant plots from both korra and justin and they should be ashamed because ppl were praying for them and the both of them just playing games justin said things on lives allover media now saying it's a lie korra and her fans saying differant thing and now saying it's a lie ...the only ppl who honestly SUFFERD was the genuine ppl on FB who had concerns ...these two ppl should be band from all media for the destruction they made on FACEBOOK AND INSTERGRAME ...over the past few day I and other in defending justin and praying for korra to change her ways ..and yes she is needing to change ...got into some serious disputes on Facebook...if and am sure there are laws ...because we live in anerica ...both should be charged ...and remove from social media..neither of them are any great star or singer ..only as alot of volga..are ...if u dont make the one hundred thousand likes and SHEARS needed to make one hundred us dollars...which she never made ...soo let them do some other scame ...the law should pick up on this...SHAM ON U JUSTIN AMERICAN GOT MORE PRIDE AND BACK BONE THEN U ...DISGUSTINE