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  (1.)          LACE STYLES.

Lace is the one of the most common cloth mostly in the Yoruba land. it's a long lasting fabric , it's never got out of style. In any fashion in Nigeria it's always used. 
See some of the pictures below 

(2.) ASO EBI

Aso ebi cloths are mostly used for yoruba traditional weddings. In yoruba culture they call this their "LITERALLY" cloth which means "FAMILY CLOTH".  
In the Yoruba culture it's donates sovereignty. Anyone can have their own fabrics. 
See some of the photos below 


Off shoulder is the most attractive style ladies love to wear. This cloth is shown with an Ankara fabrics and it's  a long sleeve off-shoulder. off-shoulder made with Ankara are mostly fitted on Jean trousers and skirts.


Ankara is a well known fabric mostly used in Nigeria. Thus fabric has a similar colour that is important to africa because the designs are quality and high textured.


Many people have made many designs with Ankara with are very attractive to sew. Many young beautiful ladies do wear this to make themselves classic. Ankara has taken many classic wears many ladies do not wear classic cloths they do sew Ankara and make it so classic and fitted. 


Off shoulder lace is the most common among ladies and this type of cloths is good for weddings, and parties also for occasions. Lace is the most strong textured material which can be used more than a thousand time. It's also used in the Yoruba and Igbo traditional wedding.This lace serves as "unity" and "respect".


This gown is known as sheffon gown, and the texture is strong and it's also made of net, now question to the ladies?? Most ladies wear sheffon cause they believe it's the most fitted and stunning texture. Sheffon is made up of net and some hard fabrics which does not easily tear.


Wow this gown was made with Ankara which is brought out the beauty of the cloth and made it stunning and looks attractive.

See pictures below
This is called a free hand gown, it's a straight gown made with Ankara but this has a free hand gathers, and without no design on the cloth as far the colour of the Ankara is attractive there is no need for a design on it.

This gown was designed with lace, normally fabrics like Adire"it's was mostly used during the olden days" but it matters how you want to beautify your dress. ANKARA is also used all over the world not only the blacks but the whites also wear it.

Wow looking at this three ladies dress really brought out their beauty and not only that but their style. It really looks so admiring when you tie gele on it. Like this picture here shows that they didn't use only the Ankara to sew but they also used other materials with it.

Wearing the yellow Ankara looks like you are wearing a ready made cloth, because the picture shown here does not look like she sewed it nor its looks like she bought it outside. The beauty of Ankara has really taken all olden day wears like aso oke and adire.

Wow the word Ankara really means alot, most ankara doesn't look like an ankara but just a normal fabrics, but in the olden day I believe they don't wear Ankara but during the new century ankara has really taken over all normal wears in Africa.


What do we call this!! Many styles rocks on ankara today, the beauty of Ankara is so costumised, in his picture below shows that also ankara can be used as a wedding design but white and traditional weddings. Today the word Ankara has become hilarious the pictures shown below
This is what we call this real beauty of Ankara. Like the picture shown below states that ankara can be used for many designs and styles like Jackets. Jackets made on ankara is more better than the ready made designs sold outside. Now I am going to show you an example of what I mean.
This style is just like the other pictures shown on top. Ankara has many styles and different ways of sewing it either a gown,jacket or trousers. Many people do not have the time to start sewing skirts/up and down cause the word "Fashion" in ankara is really expensive, cause you can't compare ankara to another fabrics.

Ankara styles and materials are very thick. You can wear an Ankara for as long as you want cause it's does not easily fade the colour is so strong and unwashable. This gown is really beautiful with the design she also made on it, it's looks like a butterfly freelances. 


When it comes to Indian styles! What do we mean? Yes we all know Indians are very cultured. Now we go to sarees. This is the sign of "dignity" in india culture. Mostly it's the traditional Indians that wear SAREES.

Look at the pictures below

Sarees can be used as long gowns, and it's also used for classic wedding not only traditional. Nowadays Indians have modernized their sarees to be more attractive and stylish.

Sarees are made of a strong fabrics which you can wear as long as you want. Now in this picture she wore a jacket! Yes. Mostly sarees can be used to sew jackets even tops.

People in the world all know india designs and cultures. Some people has this mind that when ever they are married they stay at their husbands house with his extended families that they don't have freedom and if you don't know how to cook they will humiliate you! especially the mother-in-law and they would want you to wear an old fashioned sarees! Yes I do agree with that because most Indians do not respect their daughter-in-law. This long flawless sarees is used during occasions like wedding, parties. 

Free Ankara outfits are additionally ideal for ladies who would prefer not to cause an excessive amount to notice their figure and not need to stress over the outfits upsetting her development. Additionally, these outfits are fantastic and basic parts of a pregnant lady's closet. 

There are different types of ankara outfits, Most ankara are used for tops, gowns and also skirts.....They also consist of the latent and the soft lighted texture, They are most fabricated than the olden ankara which the African's wears during the 1940s when they africans were colonised by the british, Ankara wasnt counted so special and also wasnt modernised but the world of ankara has really change minded the fashion style today. The Ankara above is a soft lighted texture but it last longer than the non fabricated ones. 


The Old school african styles has been one of the Trending styles during the 1990s, Fashion was one of the biggest Norms in Africa which are mostly designed with Ankara. 
Fashion during the 1990s was served as Privilege and Dignity to Africa womens especially during their Youthful days cause it serves as Pride and also Womanhood.



The Word "SHALWAR KAMEEZ" its a wear that is mostly worn by the Pakistans womens and men. 
Shalwar is called the loose trousers while the Kameez is called the shirts. This dressing is highly recognised by Indians, Pakistans, Iran. 


Aso Oke is one of the strongest fabric in Africa and this Fabric is Mostly used in Nigeria for Traditional weddings, Occassions and also Rituals. 
This Fabric is known for its Collectivity and it has been exisiting for more than 100 years during the Slavery of Africa and its still one of the top Fabric used in Africa commonly Nigeria, and this is worn mostly in Men and Women.


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