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Force gradually returns in Puerto Rico after consecutive seismic tremors

After consecutive seismic tremors in Puerto Rico this week right around one million inhabitants are without power and more than 2,200 are living in covers. 

Since Monday, the U.S. province experienced two tremors that deliberate extents of 6.4 and 5.8, individually, that murdered one and harmed eight others. 

"Numerous post-quake tremors" happened and 23.6% of the residents are without water as of Wednesday, said Carlos Acevado, chief of the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency. 

"Generators are being moved once water plants get back online to those that don't to attempt to control water plants," Acevado said. 

Acevado said that 950,000 clients are without power, 2,267 individuals are in covers inside 15 towns and more than 300 occupants have significant harm to their property. 

"At the beginning of today we had numerous delayed repercussions," said Acevado. 

Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist with CalTech, says that while tremors happen each day - all aroun…