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'Allow the to individuals pee': Winnipeg lady shares story of restroom infringement to ensure others

A youthful Winnipeg lady is standing up to ensure others after she says her protection and pride were disregarded when she was stood up to by a security monitor while utilizing an open washroom. 

Hayley Rogers was out praising her cousin's lone rangeress last Saturday at La Roca, a Mexican eatery and parlor on Smith Street. 

"Like any human, I needed to pee," said the 25-year-old. 

Rogers has short hair and doesn't dress "too ladylike,'" which she said has attracted looks open washrooms previously. 

She carried her female cousin with her to the ladies' washroom as a kind of chaperone, which her cousin found odd from the start. In any case, at that point, she stated, a male security gatekeeper charged in after them. 

"I'd recently shut the slow down, brought my jeans down midway, and afterward I hear, 'blast! Furthermore, he resembles, 'Hello! Is it accurate to say that you are a fella or a chick?'" 

"I looked down and I saw …