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Bhutanese PM commends ISRO's diligent work for Chandryaan 2

Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotay Tshering on Saturday commended Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for their boldness and diligent work on Chandrayaan-2, and said that he has no uncertainty the space office would achieve the lunar mission later on. 

"We are glad for India and its researchers today. Chandrayaan-2 saw a few difficulties a minute ago yet the mental fortitude and diligent work you have demonstrated are recorded. Knowing Prime Minister @narendramodi, I have no uncertainty he and his ISRO group will get it going one day," Tshering composed on Twitter. 

The correspondence with Vikram lander was lost before today, minutes before its arranged arriving on the south post district of the Moon. ISRO director K Sivan reported that correspondence with the lander was lost at 2.1 km from the lunar surface." 

The Vikram Lander effectively isolated from Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter on September 2. The Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter keeps on orbitting the Moon in its current circle. 

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