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England's new parliament decides on Johnson's Brexit bargain

England's newly chosen parliament arranged on Friday for move past long periods of divided wrangling and at first support Prime Minister Boris Johnson's separation manage the European Union. 

The everything except certain result in the House of Commons will help Johnson meet his triumphant battle guarantee to "complete Brexit" at any expense on January 31. 

Yet, it will likewise drive London and Brussels closer to another precipice edge that may upset many years of free exchange toward the finish of 2020. 

A week ago's surveys put Johnson's Conservatives in charge of parliament and dissipated questions about whether Britain was to turn into the principal country to leave the EU. 

A last decision on Johnson's partition terms will come when legislators come back from their Christmas break right on time one month from now. 

In any case, Britain will enter the Christmas season nearer to legitimate and financial autonomy than it has been anytime since the 2016 Brex…

After political race triumph, Boris Johnson guarantees January 31 Brexit

After his broad political race win, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain would leave the European Union on January 31 

"We will complete Brexit on time by the 31st of January, no uncertainties, no buts, no maybes," Johnson told giving a shout out to supporters Friday. 

"I will make it my strategic work night and day, level out to demonstrate that you were directly in deciding in favor of me this time, and to procure your help later on. 

"What's more, I state to you that in this political race your voice has been heard, and about time as well. 

"Since we lawmakers have wasted the most recent three years, three and a half years in quarrels - we've even been contending about belligerence, and contending about the tone of our contentions. 

"Leaving the European Union as one United Kingdom, assuming back responsibility for our laws, outskirts, cash, our exchange, movement framework, conveying on the vote based command of the individuals."