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Guinea-Bissau picks president following quite a while of political turmoil

Surveys have opened in Guinea-Bissau in a presidential political race that many expectation will carry dependability toward the West African nation following quite a while of political strife. 

In excess of 760,000 voters have enlisted to participate in the survey, which is being challenged by 12 applicants, all men. Casting a ballot stations opened at 07:00 GMT and will close at 17:00 GMT. 

President Jose Mario Vaz is looking for re-appointment for an additional five years however faces solid restriction following a first term damaged by political infighting and standard elevated level sackings that reached a critical stage in the approach the political decision. 

On October 29, Vaz terminated Prime Minister Aristides Gomes and delegated a successor. Gomes, be that as it may, would not step down and for around 10 days the nation had two executives - until Vaz called it quits under strain from the territorial coalition Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). 

While no solid as…