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In excess of twelve executed in Karbala as Iraqi powers open fire

Iraq's security powers terminated live ammo from the get-go Tuesday to scatter an enemy of government exhibition in the southern blessed city of Karbala, killing at any rate 14 dissidents and injuring many others, medicinal sources said. 

In any case, Karbala's police boss denied in an explanation that any dissidents had been executed and said just a single individual kicked the bucket in a random criminal episode, calling film of security powers taking shots at nonconformists via web-based networking media created and intended to "affect the road". 

Security authorities said the viciousness occurred in Karbala's Education Square, around two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the Imam Hussain Shrine, where demonstrators set up tents for their protest. 

An observer said many nonconformists were in the camp when live adjusts were terminated towards them from a passing vehicle. 

At that point conceal shooters in dark casually dressed showed up and began taking shots at the dem…