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Italy tightens lockdown as coronavirus deaths mount

Italy ordered virtually the foremost essential businesses to shut until April 3, tightening a lockdown against the coronavirus, after nearly 800 people died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, on Saturday.

"Only production activities deemed vital for national production are going to be allowed," Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in an exceedingly video posted to Facebook, but didn't get into detail on the proposals to come back into force via emergency decree on Sunday.

Italy recorded 793 deaths on Saturday, with France and Spain and Germany also reporting steep rises in confirmed cases and fatalities.

Nearly 13,000 people round the world have now died from the disease, in step with data collected by the Johns Hopkins University within the US. quite 304,500 people are diagnosed with the infection, while nearly 92,000 have recovered.

Sunday, March 22
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Coronavirus updates: Italy deaths at 3,405; cases up 41,000

The cost from a scourge of coronavirus in Italy rose within the last 24 hours by 427 to three,405, overtaking the overall number of deaths to this point registered in China, officials said, because the tally worldwide nears 10,000.

The total number of infections in Italy has also risen to quite 41,000, while cases in Germany, Iran and Spain rose to quite 15,000 each. Cases within the US also surged past 13,000, while the amount of deaths hit 200, forcing the state of California to order a state-wide lockdown.

More than 209,000 people have now been confirmed with the coronavirus globally, while quite 8,700 have died, in keeping with the globe Health Organization.

At least 85,000 have recovered from COVID-19, in keeping with data from Johns Hopkins University within the US.

Here are all the newest updates:

Friday 20 March
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Italy reports 398 more virus deaths, its biggest 1-day increase

Italy on Sunday reported its biggest one-day increase in cases and deaths throughout the coronavirus outbreak.
Italy recorded 3,590 cases and 398 deaths during a 24 hour period, Italy's Civil Protection chief Angelo Borelli announced Sunday, The Associated Press reported. In total, the country has confirmed over 24,700 cases and over 1,800 deaths.
The country, which has been on lockdown since last week, reports that just about 2,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus within the nation.

Italy's previous record for the amount of deaths during a 24-hour period was 250 people, which was announced on Friday.
Italy's national health institute chief Silvio Brusaferro said it's unclear if Italy is reaching its peak within the number of cases, meaning that they might soon decline, per the AP.
The World Health Organization has said most of the people will pass though the virus, and almost 74,000 have, mostly in China, where the virus is believed to own originated.
The coronavi…

How Italy, South Korea differ in tackling coronavirus outbreak

In Italy, millions are locked down and quite 1,000 people have died from the coronavirus.

But in South Korea, which was hit by the disease at about the identical time, only some thousand are quarantined and 67 people died.

Italy started off testing widely, then narrowed the main focus so now, authorities don't need to process many thousands of tests. But there is a trade-off: they cannot see what's coming and are attempting to curb the movements of the country's entire population of 60 million people to contain the disease.

In South Korea, authorities are testing many thousands of individuals for infections and tracking potential carriers like detectives, using mobile and satellite technology.

Both countries saw their first cases of the disease called COVID-19 in late January.

South Korea has since reported nearly 8,000 confirmed cases, after testing quite 222,000 people.

In contrast, Italy has quite 12,000 confirmed cases after polishing off quite 73,000 tests on an unspecified…

Italy tightens lockdown after coronavirus toll soars

Italy tightened its coronavirus quarantine on Wednesday, ordering bars, restaurants and hairdressing and wonder salons to shut, after the best daily increase in deaths of any country outside China since the outbreak began.
In a televised address to the state, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said all shops would be closed apart from supermarkets, food stores and chemists and corporations must close all non-essential departments.
"Thank you to any or all Italians who make sacrifices. We are proving to be a good nation," Conte said within the nine-minute broadcast.

"We will only be ready to see the consequences of this great effort in an exceedingly number of weeks," he said, bearing on the daily bulletins announcing the amount of latest cases and fatalities.

On Wednesday the toll in Europe's worst-affected country jumped by 196 in 24 hours to 827. Confirmed cases across the country rose to 12,462 from a previous 10,149.

The latest measures will go from Thursday and rema…

Six inmates die as prison riots over coronavirus rules grip Italy

Measures imposed in Italy's jails to contain the country's coronavirus outbreak, the worst outside China, have ignited tensions among inmates across the country.

By Monday, protests had been reported at 27 different sites across the country, and 6 people had been pronounced dead after clashes on Sunday at the Saint Anna penitentiary in Modena, in one among the so-called "red zones" under quarantine in Italy.

While authorities await autopsy results to investigate the explanation for deaths, prison administration sources reported overdoses following a possibility into the prison infirmary. Two victims died after they were transferred to Alessandria and Verona on Monday.

Also ahead of time Monday, a jail break was attempted in Foggia, within the southern region of Apulia, where dozens of individuals managed to flee.

Protests and riots broke come in several prisons over the weekend, beginning on Saturday in Salerno near Naples, where about 200 detainees vandalised the prima…

More Updates: Italy coronavirus toll soars as north sealed off

The coronavirus outbreaks in China and Asian nation appear to be slowing, as countries elsewhere within the world adopt drastic measures to do and end the infection.

In Italy, where some 16 million people in Lombardy and other parts of the north are now under quarantine, there have been 133 deaths reported on Sunday, bringing the whole to 366. quite 7,000 people within the country are confirmed to possess the virus.

In Iran, there have been 49 new fatalities. Some 194 people have now died from COVID-19 there.

But the most recent figures from China and Asian nation suggest the virus may be slowing in northeast Asia.

China reported 40 new confirmed cases on Sunday, compared with 44 the day before. that's very cheap number since the National Health Commission started publishing national data on January 20.

Outside Hubei province, where the virus first originated late last year, China reported no new locally transmitted cases for the second straight day.

New infections in Asian nation also …

Italy quarantines 16 million people over coronavirus fears

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has ordered the lockdown of the country's northern region of Lombardy and 14 provinces in a shot to halt the spread of a brand new coronavirus.
The move, announced on Saturday, places some 16 million people within the new red zones until April 3.

"We understand that these measures would require sacrifices, but this can be the movement of self-responsibility," Conte said in an exceedingly conference on Sunday.

The drastic move comes after tests revealed a giant increase within the number of coronavirus infections. In its daily update, Italy's civil protection agency said on Saturday that the quantity of infected people rose by 1,247, bringing the overall to five,883.

Among those infected is that the head of the co-ruling Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti.

In addition to Lombardy, the quarantine area has been extended to the provinces of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Pesaro e Urbino, Venezia, Padova, Treviso, Asti, V…

Italy quarantines quarter of its population to fight coronavirus

The Italian government has locked down almost 1 / 4 of the country's population, living across five regions within the north, within the most drastic measure taken by a ecu nation to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

The lockdown, which can limit the movement of quite 16 million people, will remain in situ until April 3.

A decree by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's office said the extraordinary steps will affect people living within the Lombardy region and 14 neighbouring provinces, including the financial hub of Milan and therefore the tourist hotspot of Venice.

"For Lombardy and for the opposite northern provinces that i've got listed, there'll be a ban for everyone to maneuver in and out of those territories and also within the identical territory," Conte told a conference within the hours of Sunday after marathon discussions with officials.

"Exceptions are allowed just for proven professional needs, exceptional cases and health issues," he said…

Leap in coronavirus cases tests limits of Italy's health system

Thirty-six coronavirus patients have died in Italy over the past 24 hours, bringing the overall number of deaths to 233, the country's Civil Protection Agency has said.
Italy has struggled to contain the novel virus since February 20, when the so-called "Patient n.1" attended a Local hospital within the northern town of Codogno.

Sixteen days later, the country has the very best toll outside China, while number of people suffering from COVID-19 leapt to 5,883, officials said on Saturday.

"The whole system wasn't ready for the emergency, but responded very quickly," Lorenzo Casani, health director of a personal clinic for elderly people near the quarantine area in southern Lombardy, told the Al Jazeera news on Friday.

Senior citizens and folks laid low with chronic and acute diseases are at a greater risk of infection. This worries Casani since all his guests are in danger. For the primary 10 days, he had no time without work in the slightest degree.

"All t…

Europe refuses to shut borders as Italian coronavirus cases jump

Italy's European neighbours have pledged to maintain borders open notwithstanding the new coronavirus spreading down the usa to Tuscany and Sicily and a surge in the wide variety of infected people.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has blamed poor management in a health center in the country's north for the outbreak, with the demise toll in Italy rising to eleven and infections to 322, the greatest range of human beings infected in Europe.

All of these who have died so far in Italy had been both elderly or had pre-existing clinical conditions.

Even as numbers of infections proceed to rise, health ministers from Italy's neighbours - meeting in Rome along with the EU's fitness commissioner - said on Tuesday that closing frontiers would be a "disproportionate and ineffective" measure.

"We're talking about a virus that doesn't recognize borders," said Italy's Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

His German counterpart, Jens Spahn, who was also at the R…

International fears grow with corona virus deaths in Italy, South Korea

Fears have mounted over the ascent of new cases and fatalities outside China from the new coronavirus episode, as the World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned of a contracting window to stem the spread of the fatal infection. 

The admonition came as the main passings from the new COVID-19 strain were accounted for in the Middle East. COVID-19, as the new coronavirus is known, first rose in December in focal China yet has now spread to very nearly 30 nations and caused in excess of twelve passings outside of China. 

The loss of life arrived at six in Iran, and various cases have been accounted for over the Middle East, remembering the primary diseases for Israel and Lebanon. On Friday, a 78-year old Italian man kicked the bucket in the wake of testing positive for the infection and a subsequent passing was accounted for on Saturday. 

A second individual kicked the bucket in South Korea, specialists gave an account of Saturday, as the quantity of cases in the nation flooded to 433. 

Italy …