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Mexico women protest after gruesome killing of Ingrid Escamilla

Many activists rushed to Mexico's presidential castle on Friday to challenge savagery against ladies, reciting "not one homicide more" and sprinkling one of its enormous, elaborate entryways with dark red paint and the words "femicide state". 

The warmed Valentine's Day exhibit, drove by ladies, originated from shock as of late over the killing of 25-year-old Ingrid Escamilla in Mexico City and the production of realistic photographs of her mangled carcass in papers. 

One nonconformist splash painted "INGRID" in tall pink letters on another royal residence entryway in tribute. Numerous members noticed that her demise was just the most recent model in a flood of severe killings of ladies that have been named "femicides". 

A normal of 10 ladies are killed a day in Mexico, and a year ago denoted another general murder record, official information appear. 

"It's not simply Ingrid. There are a great many femicides," said Lilia Flore…

Mexican villagers formed a militia to defend themselves from a gang. The government was fine with it — until they started arming children.

Before he got a rifle and joined a squad of outfitted kids, Alex needed to turn into a teacher. He'd show anything — "whatever the chief asks" — in light of the fact that going through his days in a homeroom sounded quite great. 

He was 13, a B understudy with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bike who got anxious around the young ladies in his center school. 

At that point, in November, as brutality flooded in the mountains of Guerrero express, the men of Ayahualtempa concluded it was the ideal opportunity for their children to wage war. 

Alex was given a chasing rifle and advised to appear for day by day preparing on the town ball court. He and his young companions, some as youthful as 6, walked and crept with stacked firearms nearly as tall as they were. Their regalia said "Network Police" in yellow letters. 

At the point when the picture takers began coming, the young men were advised to cover their appearances with hankies. Furnishing youngsters to shield the to…

Mexico Breaks Up a Migrant Caravan, Pleasing White House

For ages, Mexico filled in as a moderately open thoroughfare for undocumented transients making a trip to the United States. Several thousands crossed the nation consistently, for the most part unobstructed by the Mexican specialists. 

Be that as it may, the Mexican government's new firm stance act on relocation entered another stage this week with its iron-fisted reaction to a huge vagrant procession of Central Americans who looked to enter Mexico. 

The Mexican government successfully destroyed the troop at the country's southern fringe as of late, utilizing a blend of carrots and sticks — the bait of conceivable work for the individuals who decided to enter lawfully, and pepper shower, confinement and expulsion for the individuals who didn't. 

By Friday, a procession that had numbered upwards of 4,000 per week back had dwindled to a few dozen, the vast majority of them moping in Ciudad TecΓΊn UmΓ‘n in Guatemala, where they were thinking about their ran expectations and next m…

Bolivia to oust Mexico minister, two Spanish representatives

Bolivia's between time president Jeanine Anez on Monday December 30, reported that they will oust Mexico's minister and two Spanish negotiators heightening a disagreement about a supposed endeavor to extricate an ex-government assistant. 

Anez who gave the ambassadors 72 hours to leave the nation, blamed them for truly hurting the sway and nobility of the individuals and the sacred administration of Bolivia. 

The removed representatives remember Ambassador of Mexico for Bolivia Maria Teresa Mercado, the charge d'affaires of Spain Cristina Borreguero and the (Spanish) diplomat Alvaro Fernandez. 

The Bolivian break President said; 

"The sacred government that I manage has chosen to pronounce persona non grata the diplomat of Mexico in Bolivia, Maria Teresa Mercado, the charge d'affaires of Spain, Cristina Borreguero, and the (Spanish) representative, Alvaro Fernandez." 

The declaration came after Bolivian government blamed a Spanish international safe haven staff fo…

New North America economic alliance faces difficulty

A top Mexican exchange moderator traveled to Washington on Sunday for pressing talks as a hitch developed in the U.S.- Mexico-Canada Agreement, only days after it was agreed upon. 

JesΓΊs Seade, undersecretary for North America in the Foreign Ministry, blamed the United States for catching unaware Mexico by choosing to send up to five U.S. joins to screen work conditions as a component of the settlement. 

That choice was remembered for executing enactment sent to the U.S. Congress on Friday. The new bargain is planned to supplant the North American Free Trade Agreement. 

Mexico's work rehearses were a significant staying point in the last adjusts of arrangements on the agreement. U.S. associations — and their partners in the Democratic Party — pushed for intense implementation of another Mexican law that ensures laborers the privilege to choose their pioneers and favor contracts. Before, Mexican associations were frequently under the thumb of organizations and government officials, wh…