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Norway: Automated calls from China government office scare Uighur diaspora

Sixteen years back, Tina, a Uighur from Xinjiang, settled in Norway. 

She is currently a Norwegian resident yet at the same time aches for her home, which she calls East Turkestan, a term frequently utilized by diaspora networks. 

She as of late went to an enemy of China fight on October 1, Chinese national day, in Oslo to mobilize against supposed human rights infringement, strict mistreatment thus called inhumane imprisonments focusing on the Uighur minority. 

From that point forward, she says she began getting mechanized calls from the Chinese international safe haven. 

"I got over twelve calls. I didn't have the foggiest idea what that's identity was. Afterward, my dad disclosed it to me the calls were from the Chinese consulate," she told Al Jazeera. 

In the same way as other diaspora Uighurs, despite everything she has family back at home - and stresses over them continually. 

"I dread for my nearby relatives in China. I know nothing, in the event that they are …