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Norwegian Mosque Apologizes To a Prince After Three Women Refused to Handshake him

Norwegian sovereign(Prince Haakon) went to Al-noor Islamic Center in the contry to show help for the 10 August Shooting Attack. In his visit he attempted to warmly greet 3 muslim ladies yet they didn't acknowledge the handshake. 

RoyalCentral Reports that the occurrence happened a week ago. 

The Bærum mosque shooting, or the Al-Noor Islamic Center shooting, was an assault that happened on 10 August 2019 at the Al-Noor Islamic Center mosque in Bærum, Norway, around 20 km west of the capital city of Oslo. 

One individual was harmed, and the shooter's stepsister was later discovered dead in their family home. The shooter was taken into police authority subsequent to being curbed by mosque-goers. The shooting has been portrayed as one assault in an ongoing "resurgence of racial oppression". 

Waheed Ahmed, data official at the Al-Noor mosque, disclosed to NRK that they were uninformed that the ladies did not have any desire to respectfully acknowledge the Crown Prince. 

He has…