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South Korea to choose destiny of first transgender soldier

Military authorities in South Korea will decide one week from now whether to release a trooper who as of late embraced sexual orientation reassignment medical procedure, authorities said on Friday, in the primary such case in the nation. 

South Korea bans transgender individuals from joining its military yet has no particular guidelines on how to manage the individuals who have intercourse change tasks during their time in the administration. 

The non-authorized official entered the military as a man and had a sex change activity a year ago and is at present at a military-run emergency clinic, armed force representative Jeon Ha Gyu said. 

It is the first run through a functioning obligation trooper in South Korea has been alluded to a military board to conclude whether to end their administration because of sex reassignment activities, as per Jeon and Defense Ministry representative Choi Hyunsoo. 

A rights association that says it has offered directing to the officer said the staff sergea…

US, S Korea delay joint military drills reprimanded by North

The United States and South Korea have deferred military drills condemned by North Korea, depicting the move as a push to reinforce a slowed down harmony push. 

The declaration went ahead Sunday, days after Pyongyang took steps to fight back if the drills planned for in the not so distant future proceeded. 

"I don't consider this to be a concession. I consider this to be a decent confidence exertion ... to empower harmony," US Defense Secretary Mark Esper stated, as he reported the choice remaining close by his South Korean partner in Thailand's capital, Bangkok, where they were going to an Asia guard pastors' meeting. 

As of late as Friday, when Esper was in Seoul to counsel with South Korean authorities, there was no word on delaying the military air work out, which had been classified "Careful Ace". 

Seoul and Washington had downsized the activity as of late and changed the name, however North Korea unequivocally protested, calling it proof of an absence…